What are People Saying?

"The GOLD DIE™ is one of the most powerful tools I have ever utilized. It has helped me to stay focused and to think logically through important decisions. I recommend it to everyone." John Manfreda (Technology Project Manager) "I keep the GOLD DIE™ in my pocket all the time. It helps me to focus my energies on the root issues and to make sure that I am trying to understand both perspectives. David Loyd (Polk County, Forman 35 years) "In the two years since I first learned about the GOLD DIE™ I have applied the principles effectively in my life and have shared it with others, too. Anyone can participate in the basic session and begin applying the principles immediately for decisions large and small." Gary Strobel (Vice President of Education, Toastmasters)

What are Teachers and Students Saying

"The students really enjoyed hearing you speak and have commented positively... The Gold Die was very educational and presented in such a way that many of those life principles you taught will not be forgotten."                                        Jim Jehs, Everest University, Business Program Director

"I'm going to use the Gold Die to motivate myself as well as my students.  Stan's training was very motivational and helped us all to know that anyone can do it and that we all have the tools inside of us if we will just try.  Focusing is a big factor that can help my students do more and improve their lives."                                                                                      Diane Fraden, Instructor
"I thought the Gold Die presentation was great.  We can definitely use these strategies in student retention.  I have several students in mind that this exact focusing principle will help."         
Prof. John Hill - Anthem College

"We learned how we can use the Gold Die to improve student retention.  I am really excited by the concept.  As Dean of Education it was great to hear the staff being excited and engaged.  We can use this to focus the staff and the students.  One student at a time, one situation at a time.  I think it is going to be a great device for us. I look forward to helping Stan introduce this across our other campuses."
Joy Brastrom, Dean of Education - Anthem College

"Stan asked me if I had a student in distress and I said yes, I do.  I was struggling with that today, it is very emotional for me.  I think, no - I don't think - I know Stan helped me.  As soon as I am out of this room I am going to make a connection with this student.  Thank you Stan very much for that, I appreciate it."
Terry Stockline, Instructor

"Stan's presentation was wonderful.  I liked the implementation of the Gold Die because it is a hands on tool.  Many of our students are that type of learners.  It connected to me and I know that it will connect with my students that are looking to improve their lives."
Darlene Cappelli, Instructor

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